Team building is an important way of strengthening team spirit and work motivation within a team through various activities on the mountain. Challenges, parties, socialising, dealing with unusual situations is what will bring the best out of your team and help them deal with various business situations even better. The activities and the programme are planned as agreed with the client.

The aim of the team building programme

The aim of the team building programme

  • development of desirable characteristics of individuals or teams
  • reduction of accumulated stress
  • improved communication between employees under stress
  • building confidence and team spirit
  • taking risks and taking responsibility
  • creative problem solving
  • discovery of new values and abilities of participants
  • development of better strategies for dealing with new situations
  • taking risks and dealing with crisis situations outside the comfort zone
  • building respect for personal relationships and equality within a group
  • building mutual tolerance and self-criticism
  • socialising, recreation and entertainment
Activities throughout the year

Activities throughout the year

The idea of the programme is to cope with a new environment, far from the workplace. In other words, it is a whole array of fun, strategic problem-solving games for your employees. They must find their way in a new situation, as well as find and apply solutions together. There are several teams and they compete against each other to achieve the best results.
Our team building programmes include various creative physical and mental activities both outdoors, in nature, as well as indoors.
The focal point of every team building programme is to achieve team development, mutual communication and motivation, as well as problem-solving in unfamiliar situations.

Indoor activities

Indoor activities

The content of our team building programme is defined in accordance with the needs and aims of individual users, and our PST animation team offers the following programmes:

  • Workshops
  • Element games
  • Cookery and pastry workshop
  • Shows
  • Wellness programme
  • Massage treatments
  • Dance lessons
  • Water aerobics
Summer activities / Outdoor events

Summer activities / Outdoor events

  • Orienteering /navigation across terrain/
  • Walking /regular, Nordic/ - at desired locations
  • Tracking
  • Bicycle tours
  • Element games
  • Relay games
  • Sports games
  • Antistress activities
  • Rural Olympics
  • Ethno-gastronomic adventure

It is possible to arrange one-day field trips at customer request with desired destinations and activities.

Field Trips
Summer activities / Adrenaline events

Summer activities / Adrenaline events

  • Rock climbing
  • Wilderness survival course
  • Alpinism course
  • Caving/speleoadventure/
  • Rafting
  • Paintball
  • Paragliding/tandem paragliding/
  • Quad adventure
  • Mountain biking
Winter activities / Outdoor events

Winter activities / Outdoor events

  • Sledding
  • Skiing
  • Skating
  • Ice sliding
  • Ski walking
  • Winter Olympics
  • Orienteering /navigation across terrain
Winter activities / Adrenaline events

Winter activities / Adrenaline events

  • Motor sledge ride
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing on extreme trails
  • Snowbiking
  • Snowrafting
  • Snow tubing


Our PST animation team has 10 animators, mostly physical education teachers, trained to do animation and recreational activities. So far, we have done team building with prestigious companies such as OMV, PLIVA, FORD, RECA, BSP PROCESOR, ATLANTIC, PHILIP MORRIS, NOBEL and PROMO TOURS...

Team Members