The guests in our hotel can enjoy services which include our swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, different types of massage and our tanning salon. Top quality materials and finish used in their construction, together with high-quality devices and equipment installed there; enable the users to fully feel all the benefits of the Termag Hotel spa & wellness centre.


Wellness zone

In order to relieve tension, maintain vitality, relax your whole body – consult with one of our therapists and choose a massage or one of the treatments from our offer, depending on your desires and needs. We will provide a robe and slippers for you to use during your visit to the Spa centre, as well as a locker for your personal belongings.


Swimming pool

The water in the pool is ozonised. The beneficial effects of ozone on skin and the whole body are manifold:

  • it destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi
  • increases tissue oxygenation
  • speeds up decomposition of toxic matter
  • rejuvenates the body

Massages and treatments

Sports massage – Serves as preparation for sports activities. It is performed immediately before sports activities and aims to prepare your body in the best possible way for the upcoming physical effort.


Thai massage

Modern lifestyle and fatigue upset the energy balance in our energy channels – meridians, causing loss of positive and build-up of negative energy. That is why we feel tired, listless, tense, sleep badly, and suffer from backache. That holistic approach is precisely what Thai massage is based on, relieving the consequences of stress and fatigue, renewing your energy and vitality.


Classic massage

A body massage with soothing essential oils, helping you to relax and enjoy your holiday.
Foot massage – A type of massage that has been used in China for centuries. A detailed, gentle foot massage which stimulates points of vital functions located on your feet, making you feel completely relaxed and satisfied.


Health programme

Herbal Beauty – Carefully selected herbs, hand-picked on the slopes of Jahorina. Warm herbal pads are used for a relaxing, detoxifying massage improving blood flow…
Detox programme – A programme for skin detoxification and firming. We increase metabolic processes in skin cells and boost the skin's natural defence mechanisms…


Do you like chocolate?!

Try the wonderful feeling of chocolate on your skin… Treatment with pure, warm chocolate brings back the balance in the flow of energy. It decreases stress and tension. The scent of chocolate stimulates serotonin, the happiness hormone. The minerals nourish the skin. The result – silky soft skin...


Brazilian treatment – Brazilian energy and refreshing tropical rain alternate during this treatment… The fragrance of coconut, green lime…nourishes the skin, increases blood flow, relaxes…

Scent of the Sea – Algae treatment – Recommended for everyone, even expectant mothers. Natural sea salt combined with algae for cleansing, hydration and firming of the skin.


Day Spa

Even if you are not a guest in our hotel, you can enjoy our spa centre by taking advantage of our day spa offer.

Visit us when time and work allow, every day from 10.00 to 22.00.

Contact us so that we can create your personal SPA&WELLNESS programme together!